Barbie Signature Mermaid Enchantress Doll - FXD51

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Barbie Signature Mermaid Enchantress Doll

  • The second installment of the mythical muse fantasy series, Barbie mermaid Enchantress doll features an enchanted look with sea-inspired details.
  • Barbie doll’s fantastical design features a Mermaid tail with fish-scale sequins in soft coral and sea-foam hues.
  • Sea-inspired accessories, including a golden, coral-themed headpiece, peplum and wrist-cuff, finish Barbie doll’s enchanted look.
  • Barbie mermaid Enchantress doll’s hair Features pink and blue highlights and is styled in flowing waves with a delicate braid.
  • This collectible Barbie doll includes a Certificate of Authenticity and makes the perfect gift for fans and collectors.