Enchantimals Natural Friends Collection including Liora Lion

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Enchantimals Natural Friends Collection including Liora Lion

  • Let these 6 adorable Enchantimals dolls enchant you as an instant friendship collection!
  • Play out fun bonding stories together with Patter Peacock doll and Flap, Felicity Fox doll and Flick, Cherish Cheetah doll and Quick-Quick, Hixby Hedgehog doll and Pointer, Peeki Parrot doll and Sheeny, and new friends Liora Lion doll and Snazzy (found exclusively in this set)!
  • The Enchantimals dolls wear colorful outfits that match their unique personalities. They have whimsical touches to show their special bond with their animal-besties!
  • Patter Peacock doll has pretty wings, Felicity Fox doll has a furry tail, Cherish Cheetah doll has cheetah spots, Hixby Hedgehog doll has hedgehog ears, Peeki Parrot has colorful wings, and Liora Lion doll has an adorable tail
  • The animal figures have enchanting tiny touches of their own, too -like furry tails, soft hair, and pretty wings

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