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Heartbeat Bears

Our Heartbeat Bears are a unique keepsake for all expectant parents. The Heartbeat teddy bear comes with a simple to use, recordable sound module that enables expectant parents to record the sound of their unborn babys heartbeat during a scan, routine antenatal appointment or using a handheld doppler. Each of our Heartbeat Bears are supplied with a recording module, allowing up to 20 seconds of recording time. With the flick of a switch, you can record your unborn babys heartbeat during your scan or routine antenatal appointment using a handheld doppler. Once you have completed your recording, the module is placed inside the teddy through the opening at the back and the teddy is sealed using a simple velcro seal. Every time you hug your Heartbeat Bear, you will activate the module and hear the wonderful sound of your baby’s heartbeat. If you have a previous recording of your babys heartbeat stored on a mobile device, you can easily record this onto the module to create your Heartbeat Bear.

If you have a previous recording of your babys heartbeat stored onto a mobile device, you can also record this onto one of our modules to create your HeartBeat Bear.