Shadow High Heather Grayson Fashion Doll

Shadow High

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Expected release date is 7th Jun 2022

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Shadow High Heather Grayson Fashion Doll

Heather Grayson might look intimidating, moody and, well, gray, but what you see definitely isn’t what you get. She’s one of those girls that is always fun to be around and more importantly, always makes you feel included. Her kindness can leave you glowing even after a short encounter and she always offers up good advice. Heather is also fearless when it comes to voicing her opinion, even when it’s not what everyone else thinks; she knows how to stay true to herself. At Shadow High, she’s a Special Effects Makeup Focus, specializing in the most amazing looks. Her love for makeup (and all things Halloween) stems from her early childhood where she would curl up and watch old black & white scary movies with her grandpa. She may love a good scare, but Heather is fearless when it comes to following her dreams.